This Night

It's late
Too late
The thoughts are jumbled in my head
Like lead 
They slowly move and poison
My whole body
I try to write, but things that rhyme
Come out empty and full of senseless words
I'm like a mime
Too much emotion, no sound and too little time
Those that make sense, however,
Do so only to me
And leave me wondering 
How can it be
That no one understands
Please look into my eyes
And take my hands
And tell me it be all right
After this night
After this peaceful, sleepy night
I look into the window and I see myself.
No, it's not me
She looks the same
But is not tamed
Not yet
She wants to fly and tell the world it's rules are lame
And that all lives are just a game
A single game
Not me
I want to sleep and in my dreams just drift
Be carried by the wind ever so swift
Away from this world, but it's too late
I'm too entangled in love and hate 
It's closed, the gate
To let my blood out, take my life, to open it again would be a sin
Whatever game you're playing with your messed up life, I guess I'm in.

Thus we ride into the dark

The clouds are seen in the sky
But sunrise has yet to begin
The night's still queen
And all one sees are rays-
The lonely lights of housing 
All around
Dimmed by the everpresent black
They're bound
To shine on

Those rays, pieces of water on the sidewalk,
Reflecting streetlights in dismay
They're all a part of yesterday
Not letting go
Until the sun takes over their petty world
And thus we ride
As the dark unfolds

 * * *

......осталась в этом доме я

Одна, весь мир снаружи остается
Он смотрит мне в окна ,
Как-будь то смеётся

А может и нет-
Лишь осколки души,
Переливаются мечтами
На дне пропасти лет

Они разбились об острые скалы
Имя которыми любовь
Они умирали
Но разбивались вновь и вновь

Как бабочки к свету

А может и нету


Стоят и спят пустые статуетки
Иисуса, Вишны, Рамы, Кришны
И падают горькие, мутные слезы
Как с усталой ветки тяжёлые вишни


Empires and me

Empires rise, empires fall
On some the death rate takes its toll 
And some rebellions befall
Some disappear - once and for all

Survivors stay, survivors gloat
They conquer fallen on horses, boats
They sink all ships, they launch their bombs
Survivors stay-
And they are strong

And I just glance through endless pages
Of people free or captive for ages
No feelings - it's just a slideshow
And all that's left in my soul is melted snow






They are snowflakes dropping on the ground,
And swirling, swirling in their free-fall
They come and go without a sound
And disappear - never to be seen at all

They cover what the humankind has done -
Our despairs, joys, adventures, deepest pains and sorrows...
And by the spring it'll all be gone.
Emotions leave with snow
Fresh grass will grow on their place tomorrow.